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Forever After Photography

Professional Pictures with a Personal Touch

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My name is Jenne Grewenig.  I am the Photographer/Owner. Forever After Photography is
my passion put to use.
I specialize in capturing life’s sweetest moments with purity and innocence.
I unobtrusively depict hopes and
dreams that are forever frozen in time with the close of a shutter. My photographs tell a story for future reveries that help to preserve family histories
and describe loving relationships. Forever After Photography is just that…
photography that is timeless.
I am very happy that I get to do what I LOVE and express my artistic talents while meeting
new and exciting people. On your very special day, KNOW that having me there means having
someone who LOVES what they are doing
and will always go the extra mile to make sure your LOVING your special day, rather than worrying.
I look forward to meeting you and supplying that
Forever After Photography.......

"Professional Pictures With A Personal Touch"


           Our Services include but not limited too:



                             Special Occasions


                                  Real Estate










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     America's Professional Wedding Photographers




  "Wedding Professionals Networking Group"  



   "National Association of Professional Women"




 All photographic images on this site are

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     Forever After Photography © 2009

Top 10 Questions to ask your Photographer


1.)    What is your experience?
2.)    Are you the photographer who will 

         take my pictures?
3.)    What type of equipment do you use?
4.)    Are you open to my suggestions for 

        special shots?
5.)    What is included in the packages?
6.)    Will photos be available online for

7.)    When can I expect to receive proofs,

         prints, album and/or video?
8.)    Who keeps the proofs?
9.)     How much do extra pictures cost?
10.)   How much does my CD cost?



Jenne's Answers


1.)  16 years photography experience.     

2.)  Yes, I will be your photographer.       

3.)  Canon digital SLR's and Canon        

       professional digital video camera.     

4.)  Yes, I am always open to photo ideas,

       it is your day!!                                      

5.)  Everything! My packages list exact    

       prices and exactly what you will        

       receive. No hidden costs. Packages    

       are set prices, unless I have specials   

       or extra products and services that    

       may add to your price .                       

6.)  I do not put your photographs up for

       online viewing because you receive    

       everything! You also can go to many  

       free sites to publish your own             

       Wedding website.                                 

7.)  6-8 weeks after the Special                   

      Occasion! Sooner for smaller               

      Occasions and Portraits.                       

8.)  You keep the proofs. You receive         

       professionally printed 4x6                    


9.)  For Special Occasions, you can go      

      to a photo lab at your own                    

      convienence (you receive a picture       

      CD.) If you would like me to                 

      purchase your enlargements, please    

      refer to the Pricing page and click on  


10.)Included in Weddings and Special       

      Occasion packages. $75.00 extra           

      for Portraits.